Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Thing with LOVE is....

  • It always maintains a safe distance from you.
  • Always in the air.
  • You wont value it until its gone.
  • If its really love it wont come back on its own you gotta make it happen.
  • Its mostly onesided.
  • Never comes to you when you in search of it but alaways finds a way to your heart.
  • Strikes you when you least expect it.
  • Always a dilemma to know if its really LOVE?
  • And if it really is then got more dilemma coming your way.
  • Is  the only thing dad's money cant buy.
  • Is rarely uncondtional nowadays.
  • Makes u Dillusional,Illogical and Hallucinated.
  • Is the only thing a HUMAN HEART craves for the most.
  • Has become a myth in this era.
  • Is one the verge of EXTINCTION and needs help from only the HEART possesing human race.
As its said "The problem today is that things are loved and people are used" - - read it somewhere on someones Facebook status.

MOOD:- Sad :( and curious