Monday, May 3, 2010

Small Things dat make me "HAPPY"

You never think about all those little things that can make you happy no matter how disturbed you are or how much stressed you are..heres wat makes me happy no matter wat my mood is...

  1. Driving late in Night.
  2. Sitting by the sea... Usually late in night..maybe its the sound of sea-waves..I suppose thst I love soo much.
  3. Sipping chai with my crackpot friends and having a good laugh over nothing..
  4. Smile on the face of  the girl I am insanely in love with.
  5. Hearing her voice,the aroma of her hair.
  6. Listening to her talk continously.
  7. Nice peaceful music.
  8. A great Movie.
  9. And my favourite one...   The look in her eyes,when she looks deep into my eyes without blinking...  Which is purely divine ...