Saturday, June 11, 2011

The need for evolution

Evolution :-
Evolution is the basic truth of our existence and our planet's. We have evolved so much from a unicellular organisms,then to chimpanzee and eventually our present form. Who knows after some thousand years we might evolve into something else who are totally asexual begins .. ha ha I m just kidding ,no need to get worried as if you gonna b alive till then.
Well what I wanna say is for any species to continue its existence and legacy it has to evolve by continuously adapting to changing patterns in its surrounding that's the key for evolution “adaptation”.
Same can be said for any business, for any business to get better and stay in the market it needs to evolve by continuously adapting itself to the market and its clients or users whatever U wanna name them. And this holds true for the social networking sites too.

The present condition is that , these social sites have refused to adapt to changing user needs and behavior and they literally force its users to do what they want them to do, it should be the other way around. For instance lets take myspace it was a craze in its initial years then came Mark Zuckerberg with a completely new approach to social networking and won that battle and now see myspace is as good as all those extinct species of dinosaurs . Now the good question is WHY . Well its simple because myspace denied to evolve by not adapting to changing times and eventually lost out. It can be because they were not creative enough to give Facebook a tough fight, and its more so because they created myspace and then dint knew how to take it a step further or couldn't help to make it evolve as a better business model as opposed to their competition at that time.
U see its a great achievement to create something big BUT its even a greater achievement to sustain what you have achieved.

Well, lets take Facebook for example why did it succeeded and was such a runaway success in 2004 because it gave people a free and convenient platform to reach to each other,Communicate and communicate interactively(pokes and such useless things) and even get to knew other people so called strangers. In 2004 phone-calls were really expensive and if you wanna call someone in different state or country it was too expensive, Skype wasn't widely used,no one knew about VOIP other than terrorist organizations. So facebook was successful in bridging a gap between different people for communication and to know what's going on with them and it was for free and of-course from the convenience of your own home you were allowed to meet different people and people who might be in your own university,dorm or college but you never knew they existed.
Facebook let you just have one look at someone's profile page and you could know all the possible things which you might hesitate to ask someone in person like, I have a crush on this cute girl in my class I just stare at her and if I wanted to know whether shes dating anyone I just needed to have a look at her Fb page, see you get me. I could literally scan someones page and complete my research on them and know enough about them. But this in todays world can be termed as “stalking”.
You see times have changed now we are in 2011 nothing remains same, things evolve and things change so has our needs and ways to communicate now its no big deal to talk to my dad who's in some other country over Skype or VOIP .We have free Wi-fi calls. And today I still want to share my things but selectively over the Internet, I want to share something with my dad but not with my friends but I can with my extended friends . See the sharing thing is very complicated and very very selective which Facebook doesn't understand. Facebook treats all my friends the same if not then wants me to categories each of them but its very tedious and gets boring if you have more than 200 friends or more to remember.

Facebook also thinks that if I have added a person I want to get update of each and everything they do But I don't want to in reality I just want selective things to appear on my homepage.

Today we have Fb for fun,LinkedIN for professional reasons why cant I have both functionality built into same system and I want to add my boss in my list but still keep some-off my contact away from him and vice versa. I want a special page where only me and my girlfriend can interact and not worry if anyones coming to know about it.
Today Facebook has nothing new to offer and the honeymoon period with Facebook is over . We need a website which lets it users waste their time but do that productively. Facebook hasn't evolved all they have done is reintroduced ripoffs of many things re-branded it and presented it to us . For instance take a new Fb feature called “Happening” it will update us about whats going on with our contact list in real time But don't we have the same functionality in the news feeds. Now I got to DE-clutter one more page thats insane.

What we need is online social setups to understand that its users have evolved and their needs have changed So what more can facebook offer to us other than just plain old communication platform where we keep poking each other for no appearnet reasons

I want a chat tool where if I am chating with my latest crush I want a help tool which will let me know about her interest so that when I have a period where theres nothing to talk about Fb pops clues to kickstart a conversation with her., Facebook really needs to pull it socks here and give us something really new which we can use productively and keeps our private lives to our-selfs at the same time.
New social sites should make people feel the need to use their service  rather than entice them with let them connect to their friends coz there are many more easy ways to do just that.

All I am saying is the social circuit needs fresh ideas and fresh people to come up with some fresh and awesome solutions to currently stagnant social circuit.

"Successful business is all about making your customers understand why they need you and that you understand their needs better."

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Two Sides of The Same Coin.

I am gonna compare 2 sides of a social networking setup.

1) We all have wasted enormous time on Facebook socializing and by doing so we have created data which is a key to our world and people close to ours and this data is owned by facebook and can use it the way they like because you authorized them to do so when you signed up for Fb,Now Fb uses this data to target ads towards us and our friends and uses it for there own profit through the content we created and what to we get nothing. This is one way of looking at it and I like this way.
       Now what if I tell you can do what you did on fb that is create content and let the world use it for free
      or charge , yes  you can still do the same and even earn from it..
 What,is that your reaction well mycube lets you do exactly that.

2) Now this ones that irritates me like hell.
   My wall is flooded with every update form senseless to disgusting things.I get update of each of my friends clicks and also the updates of all the pages I liked and some app updates.
              Now, I sure like a cookie brand so I liked it , it doesn't mean I want every thing  they do on my homepage that's gross.
              Similarly I get notifications of all the things my toddler sister does and a idiotic friend of mine does right on my homepage, that's not what I want comeon, there is a way that I can do to make those notification disappear from my homepage but that would mean losing everything my sis updates or my friend updates but some of the things they do interest me for example. my friend nick keeps on updating about sheep and I m sick of hearing about sheep and I can disable his update but then I wont get anything he updates but one fine day he updates about a job I was really interested in ,I lost it.. You see.. There is no way of getting selective updates about a certain person of you homepage based on your own interest.

Wel Wel Well there is mycube at your rescue. what mycube has is a Interest Grid, in which you can select what appears on your homepage say you love cows so anytime any of your idiotic friend or your little sis or infact any person in the world updates about cows you will see them on your homepage of course it can be customised to suit your privacy needs to. See this way you can know about the job that your Friends notified about and still your homepage was aloof of all the sheep talks he continously does or all the fashion updates your little sis keeps updating about.
                           Thats what i m talking about guys,mycube give your power right in your own hands and you can dictate terms about what you wanna see and what you don't wanna see and my friends same goes for the ads no uninteresting ads thrown at you anymore ... the motto here is WHAT U WANT IS WHAT U GET.
    Simply awesome aint it..I know,I know it is.

3)Privacy.. now how important this one is.well it is of paramount importance.
            Now what happens with Facebook is the moment you sign up and click accept T&C you provide all ownership right to your data,pics,videos,notes and all to them well then they can use it for all as they want to you cant do anything about it.
and other thing is that if I have uploaded a pic and shared it with everyone else on fb excpet the group I dint want to share  with and 2 months down the line I accept a friend request from a person whom I don't want to see those picks or a particular pic and I don't add him in the hidefromthem list what happens you can figure out RIGHT.. that's what I am saying guys.
           Well with mycube you are the owner of your own content .What you upload and what you share is all yours and you can share it for a fee on mycube or for a fee  or even charge certain people and let your close buddies get it for free . See how amazing it sounds and life seems to be simple again online RIGHT..

4) My cube is a Social Exchange site where you can create intellectual content share it with like minded people , get some which u need all free or get paid or pay its all there with their nano paying system...
here unlike Fb where you waste your time on mycube you can utilize it and still be benefited monetarily.

So which side of the coin you like,Well for me its the mycube side...I m all for the new social revolution thats gonna happen with mycube.

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Revolution in social netwroking ..

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We can create intellectual property right from our desks and sell it too.
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well the most important point her is that Facebook has copyrights to whatever you upload or share on Facebook lets you be the owner of it if you have shared something and lest you decide whom to share it with and to charge or upload it for free.

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