Friday, June 10, 2011

Revolution in social netwroking ..

Guys we all have wasted enormous time on FB and we didnt benefit from it,but while we were wasting time we were making FACEBOOK wealthy HOW??
Here it is.When we were operational on Facebook we were creating data on it which could mention our and our friends location,likes,dislikes,pages and all other intrestest.

Now, we have an alternative and a very powerful one,its called mycube
It has taken social networking to a new level and re-defined the time we spent on a social networking site.

With mycube we can make money from all the data we create on it like our articles, photos, thoughts, status sharing links and so on.

We can create intellectual property right from our desks and sell it too.
Like a certain spanish guy wants to buy an android or a blackberry phone and your are a expert when it comes to phones just advice him and earn thats it. You can decide whom to charge and whom not to. Pretty cool.. aint it!!! and there are thousands of other ways you can earn. Just go there and be amazed for yourself.

well the most important point her is that Facebook has copyrights to whatever you upload or share on Facebook lets you be the owner of it if you have shared something and lest you decide whom to share it with and to charge or upload it for free.

All you who wanna get in and check it out and get 10dollars for signing up and do let your friends know about it coz u will earn as you get friends along to signup!! Aint it cool.. Its awesome guys and its for real. You got  to do it till tommorw 4pm and they havent opened it to public yet so you will have to use the following invitation code :

Invitation Code:- mcanjanj     (all lowercase)

Please go there and let yourself start getting bedazzeled with the awesomeness of

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