Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Thing with LOVE is....

  • It always maintains a safe distance from you.
  • Always in the air.
  • You wont value it until its gone.
  • If its really love it wont come back on its own you gotta make it happen.
  • Its mostly onesided.
  • Never comes to you when you in search of it but alaways finds a way to your heart.
  • Strikes you when you least expect it.
  • Always a dilemma to know if its really LOVE?
  • And if it really is then got more dilemma coming your way.
  • Is  the only thing dad's money cant buy.
  • Is rarely uncondtional nowadays.
  • Makes u Dillusional,Illogical and Hallucinated.
  • Is the only thing a HUMAN HEART craves for the most.
  • Has become a myth in this era.
  • Is one the verge of EXTINCTION and needs help from only the HEART possesing human race.
As its said "The problem today is that things are loved and people are used" - - read it somewhere on someones Facebook status.

MOOD:- Sad :( and curious

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

IPL Effects on Exams!!! :D

The year is 2014 and its the month of February the day is 14th and its time for aleins(Scholar's) to slog and study hard for march board exams.
Students(Earthlings) are gathered in huge number outside Mumbai Boards office and are campaning with great force and want to get the following changes done in the Education System(Meteroits).

1.Reduce exam duration to 1 hour and marks to 50.

2.Introduce strategic break after every 30 minutes.

3.Give free hit, i.e a chance for students to frame their own questions and write answers and even if the answer is wrong they should be given full marks for atleast one such question.

4.First 15minutes POWER PLAY i.e No invigilator in the exam hall.

5.Introduce fair play awards.

6.Cheer Girls to cheer for every correct answer written.It would be nice if we could select our own personal cheer leaders most probably our seniors :P

Well this isnt my work entirely it was a SMS to me by my friend REHAN.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lazyness...way of being Human.

People always crib about being lazy and leave no chance to put people down who are lazy,but i feel being lazy is just being human or being more human than others who aint lazy et all….

Being a Libran lazyness is my birth right,or u can say woven into me…even Linda aunty(Linda Godwoman) supports this theory of mine…

thats so human to do,y do ppl yell at me then...

thats so human to do,y do ppl yell at me then...

I define laziness as the process of introspection and feeling human…In todays sick world everyone is in race of catching the train,working 24hrs to earn that extra buck,but no one has the time to just lie on the bed and think nothing or think something.

Being Lazy gives u a chance to think about the movie,girl,cricketer,actor,cartoon characters you always admired or wanted to think about.

Lazy can be anything from just lying on the bed or doing nothing.You very much get most amazing idea’s when u just ly on the couch and stare out of your window or at the ceiling.

I love to just ly on my bed n gaze at the blue sky…especially on Sunday morning’s. I think being lazy gives you some time to introspect your life and what u wanna do when u are not doing nothing ….its pure bliss to ly without any thoughts and do nothing and not worry about some one will come and invade the most human thing you can do.

Laziness lets you think what you really want to.Imagine what you want to.It hurts when people ask you to do something when you are in those moods when you just want to laze around and trust me its the most pleasurable thing to do ever.I love to sit back n laze around no matter what time of the day is it…Its so part of me ..Its like breathing ..It lets you develop or it eats your mind up if you cant enjoy the loneliness and the the bliss of silence.or else you can also succumb to schizophrenia if you cant enjoy your own company and are haunted by your own presence. Or else on the other hand you can have the most amazing time just enjoying your own comapny and doing nothing and thinking about the most meaningful and important things of your life. 20070221-lazyshirt

Just think guys if it wasn’ t for the feel of doing nothing Issac Newton wont be under that tree and the fruit haven’t hit him and we would never know about the thing called as gravity..May be some one might have to jump from a height to prove that gravity exists..

If you aint lazy et all or don’t feel like it,well then i believe u r just oxygen sucking machine run on blood and caught in the daily hasseled lifestyle named rat-race.

Damm i m so lazy that i just wrote 3 posts in a year…he he but i love it…

If you every feel lazying around..dont kill the feeling just let it thrive there..n satisfy the lazy being in you once a while.