Thursday, August 14, 2008

A 1,000 Distractions.

They say a students life is most easy,but do they know that how we have to dodge all those tempting distractions,
Well whenever I am about to sit and open my syllabus books,I am suddenly reminded of..................

  • A chick flick which I always wanted to watch but never managed to.
  • Suddenly the girl I never expected to call me, calls up and we talk for hours.
  • Some other chick comes online.
  • The mag I always wanted to read but never found time to.
  • My friends come up with an amazing plan to meet up(Usually when someones parents have gone out).
  • Need to call my friend and ask him how much he has managed to mug up.
  • The ever distracting guest's show up and demand attention and throw all the irritating questions at you .
  • Or dad wants to learn computers (Worst than studying.)
  • My phones reminder tells me that I have to catch my favorite T.V show.
  • Or there's live or repeat telecast of a exciting cricket match.
  • Or Sharapova or Sania is playing a single sided tennis match.
  • My "Ex" wants to go for a movie(And your can never refuse to go for movies with your ex.)
  • Need to fetch Milk or something from the grocery store.
  • I feel very sleepy like I haven't slept in ages when I am just about to study.
  • The curiosity to check out what are the latest torrents.
  • I have a sudden urge to do nothing and the best part is you never finish doing nothing(This is the law Einstein never mentioned).
After succumbing to all this I realize the day has ended and I dint study even a single word,next morning I promise my self that I will study but the same story repeats and my amazing life continues.
It's like the need to study and the tempting things around you are directly proportional to each other.

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Person I HATE the most.

This was the topic given to me to speak about at my first job as CSR at transworks,i really thought a lot whose that one lucky person whom i hate the most,well couldn't make my mind many names went through my mind mostly of my ex's but haven't it been for them dumpin me, i still wont be knowing all the wonderful girls that Succeeded their predecessors ,well just wasn't sure whose really that i hate the most...and after some time it occurred to me yeah the one person I hate the most is the person who discovered,introduced or proposed,implemented the system of caste,sub-caste in this world not only in India.

Then i had a target but it had no name was it just one person or many at the same time at different places.So as i said this is the person i hate the most.i haven't meet him,haven't heard about him but i hate him for paralyzing the HUMAN race with a deadly virus of caste and religion.
This virus has haunted us for ages got us to kill each other in the name of GOD,whose existence in this world is yet not confirmed,but still we killed,raped,brutally murdered each other under the same influence of our caste,religion or god.It has been a boon for politicians mainly in India who make people so agitated against each other under caste issues that they blindly go on rioting. Here i m talking about the riots which took place in India; the 1993 mumbai riots and the recent Gujarat riots and ofcourse post partion riots.

Why do humans go so insane over such issues,is yet a mystery for me and many thoughtful people if we are trying to defend god or our religion,cant our logical minds ask ourselves that whats the reason to defend god and his religion coz he's the ultimate source of power cant he himself protect his self esteem and respect for which we are going berserk,if you believe in all-mighty he's the most powerful in the world then why does he needs people like us to kill his own so called creation "HUMANS".

After been undone by the caste virus for so long we haven't yet learned anything from our past we still believe in the same age old traditions.We have to understand that as the ultimate law of the nature "Change is the only thing which is constant".So we have to bring about necessary and relevant changes in the traditions and system we follow since ages.

I would like to conclude that it's utter stupidity to kill in the name of god,caste and religion. We are born with a given caste just by chance its not something we achieve with hardwork or great talent it just happens by chance then why should we give and take life for something which is merely a probability.
Can't we just do away with this religion and caste thing why do we need all this isn't it enough to know each other as pure human beings or just Indian's and not as Hindus or Muslims or Catholic's...Let us make this world a harmonious place for our generations to come and let them be known as the beautiful creation of NATURE who respect each and every human beings life as their own.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Mockery Of Cricket on Indian Idiot Box

The current BCCI fixture called IPL was inaugurated with big hype.The so called billion dollar baby.I was waiting for it after such a exciting season of ICL.but just after two matches of IPL on my idiot box.I have been bored to death.. by..what --- The channel which is broadcasting it all over India and don’t know if unfortunately outside India too..They have seriously murdered the hunger of swashbuckling cricket and desire to learn something from this IPL season...Set Max..A movie channel by default was given the broadcast rights by the BCCI and it has come out as a total loser with serious nonsensical presentators who no nothing about cricket presenting such a huge event. they have been asking serious stupid questions to the elite panel present for pre and post match talks on the channels so called T20 something show..the other day a presenter shiv asked our legendary L.Shivaramakrishnan did he felt jealous because Akshay Kumar was doing commentary for sometime..i mean god kill that guy please ask him about what he thought of bowling,the pitch,stuff wchich will benefit young budding cricketers who are glued to T.V to learn something and mind you the greats have said cricket can be learned in 2 ways getting coached right from the school days watching and listening to cricketers..So why kill the second way for usand to add more insult to the viewers they have those erratic vodafone ads which pop-up out of no where and commentators go alien and all you can listen to is just sick music of those torturous ad's. then the camera men .. they have the hobby of keeping the camera away from the cricket ball.if a batsman edge's the ball to 3rd man they will show us the cover or long on,if its played along the around the camera man shows us some imaginary ball in the sky.if a catch is taken at point we will see the extra cover fielder either clapping or waiting for his team mate to take the extreme cases we might even see mid wicket or Shahrukh Khan clapping in the VIP stands..If this wasn’t’’ harass the serious viewers of cricket they don’t even bother to let us see the last ball of the over..even if the 6th ball is balled or not who cares harass the viewers show them the ads...this is worse when something happens on the last ball like a run out or a missed catch or a quick single ..we dont even get to see that live action forget about replays..and as if all of the Indian cricket lovers are sacrificing their jobs,work and other commitments for this IPL..we are never shown any highlights of the previous match forget repeat telecasts they are a distant dream..I tuned in the next morning to catch the highlights of mc-cullum's innings and what i saw was a some sick movie being played on India's premiers so called,self-confessed sports channel.(Set Max)..all day long they have some sick nonsensical movies being repeated for thousand times during the days when we expect to catch highlights or repeat telecast of the matches..It dint effected me that much but take the case of my good old buddy rahul he was slogging in his dad's shop till eleven in night AND BY THE TIME HE REACHES HOME THE MATCH IS OVER.. and when he waits for repeat of the match all he can see are some out-dated Hindi movies being played..i mean atleast have some responsibility to show people this matches highlights atleast..the only option left for some is recording the action live on P.C via TV tuner card which my buddy got a new one just for the IPL but his suffering dint end there as he had to leave his P.C On, before he left home for work so the match could get recorded thus getting a good scolding from his mom for the reliance electricity much of sufferings for the people of country which follow the game more than religiously..and not to mention the bad lighting of the broad cast for which you almost have to brighten up your T.V sets and set the contrast too..please stop harssing us such inhumanly..please give us cricket..and only crcket ...wasn't it enough for the cricket to be run by non cricketers that now its shown and talked over by serious ammeturs of the game...whyyy...Please give us Harsha give us Sunny ..or Geffory or even John Dykes where's our good old Sidhu...what happened to ravi shastri ... if nothing atleast Mayanti Langer from zee sports who outperforms the set max presenters anytime please get them to talk and present the games....B'coz we want to pick something about the game "FROM THEM" .. We do not want to know which actress is supporting which team and who's who is a brand ambassadors of what we get this from news papers please provide us some hardcore cricket thoroughly and professionally by true professionals of the the only way out seems to be the live telecast over web or heading direct to the venue of cricket-match or else we will have to manage up trying to watch cricket between ad's...such a pity for Indian cricket lovers..when after the glorious days of serious sports coverage by ESPN and Star Sports you would only expect it to get better but nopes..even Doordarshan would have managed better than the so called Set Max for the "BAAP OF MANORANJAN".........................."If you feel the same and think it should be said about complain dirctly to the channel by clicking on the link below....Bcoz this in no way will help the game in long run" 4 Visitng ....T.C :)