Friday, August 8, 2008

The Person I HATE the most.

This was the topic given to me to speak about at my first job as CSR at transworks,i really thought a lot whose that one lucky person whom i hate the most,well couldn't make my mind many names went through my mind mostly of my ex's but haven't it been for them dumpin me, i still wont be knowing all the wonderful girls that Succeeded their predecessors ,well just wasn't sure whose really that i hate the most...and after some time it occurred to me yeah the one person I hate the most is the person who discovered,introduced or proposed,implemented the system of caste,sub-caste in this world not only in India.

Then i had a target but it had no name was it just one person or many at the same time at different places.So as i said this is the person i hate the most.i haven't meet him,haven't heard about him but i hate him for paralyzing the HUMAN race with a deadly virus of caste and religion.
This virus has haunted us for ages got us to kill each other in the name of GOD,whose existence in this world is yet not confirmed,but still we killed,raped,brutally murdered each other under the same influence of our caste,religion or god.It has been a boon for politicians mainly in India who make people so agitated against each other under caste issues that they blindly go on rioting. Here i m talking about the riots which took place in India; the 1993 mumbai riots and the recent Gujarat riots and ofcourse post partion riots.

Why do humans go so insane over such issues,is yet a mystery for me and many thoughtful people if we are trying to defend god or our religion,cant our logical minds ask ourselves that whats the reason to defend god and his religion coz he's the ultimate source of power cant he himself protect his self esteem and respect for which we are going berserk,if you believe in all-mighty he's the most powerful in the world then why does he needs people like us to kill his own so called creation "HUMANS".

After been undone by the caste virus for so long we haven't yet learned anything from our past we still believe in the same age old traditions.We have to understand that as the ultimate law of the nature "Change is the only thing which is constant".So we have to bring about necessary and relevant changes in the traditions and system we follow since ages.

I would like to conclude that it's utter stupidity to kill in the name of god,caste and religion. We are born with a given caste just by chance its not something we achieve with hardwork or great talent it just happens by chance then why should we give and take life for something which is merely a probability.
Can't we just do away with this religion and caste thing why do we need all this isn't it enough to know each other as pure human beings or just Indian's and not as Hindus or Muslims or Catholic's...Let us make this world a harmonious place for our generations to come and let them be known as the beautiful creation of NATURE who respect each and every human beings life as their own.


Tushar said...

yeah ,this religion thing is so useless and you have put it forward so beautifully just useless things to follow in todays times..totally agree with u.

sufiyan said...

Something important about Religion is that it makes people more secure in life and death. It also gives them sometthing to look up to, something they believe in wich they feel safe.

Religion has a very powerful influence in economics and politics. If you study the historic formation of various religions with an opened mind and a probing spirit, you may discover some very revealing truths about the world in which we live.

You may be able to discover like I have, that religion can be a very effective and rewarding tool in the hands of shrewd individuals. It can be used to enrich oneself financially or spiritually. It can also be used to manipulate and control others for good or evil ends.

It has been used as an effective political and commercial tool as evidenced by the many historic records of religious wars.

When religious leaders of the world are engaged in preaching hate and intolerance against other religious belief systems, then it is obvious that people would question the purpose of God. Some religious leaders behave as though they are businessmen competing in the market, advertising that theirs is the only genuine and certified product on the market.

If people can look beyond all the divisiveness, greed, animosity, intolerance and prejudice that corrupts most religions they may find that the true essence of piety, equity, righteousness, compassion and spirituality is enshrined within the lines of all truly spiritual belief systems.

If religion is to truly serve any useful (important) purpose then all that has to be done is to religiously practice piety, equity, righteousness and compassion.