Thursday, August 14, 2008

A 1,000 Distractions.

They say a students life is most easy,but do they know that how we have to dodge all those tempting distractions,
Well whenever I am about to sit and open my syllabus books,I am suddenly reminded of..................

  • A chick flick which I always wanted to watch but never managed to.
  • Suddenly the girl I never expected to call me, calls up and we talk for hours.
  • Some other chick comes online.
  • The mag I always wanted to read but never found time to.
  • My friends come up with an amazing plan to meet up(Usually when someones parents have gone out).
  • Need to call my friend and ask him how much he has managed to mug up.
  • The ever distracting guest's show up and demand attention and throw all the irritating questions at you .
  • Or dad wants to learn computers (Worst than studying.)
  • My phones reminder tells me that I have to catch my favorite T.V show.
  • Or there's live or repeat telecast of a exciting cricket match.
  • Or Sharapova or Sania is playing a single sided tennis match.
  • My "Ex" wants to go for a movie(And your can never refuse to go for movies with your ex.)
  • Need to fetch Milk or something from the grocery store.
  • I feel very sleepy like I haven't slept in ages when I am just about to study.
  • The curiosity to check out what are the latest torrents.
  • I have a sudden urge to do nothing and the best part is you never finish doing nothing(This is the law Einstein never mentioned).
After succumbing to all this I realize the day has ended and I dint study even a single word,next morning I promise my self that I will study but the same story repeats and my amazing life continues.
It's like the need to study and the tempting things around you are directly proportional to each other.


minal_bhagwat said...

very true!!!!!
well nt sure abt not saying no to ur EX unless said by an experienced guy ....hehe .....nice

Aj-therebel said...

he he thnx minal for ur comment

Tushar said...

ummmm this are just the kind of distraction u always succumb to,very well written