Tuesday, June 9, 2009

IPL Effects on Exams!!! :D

The year is 2014 and its the month of February the day is 14th and its time for aleins(Scholar's) to slog and study hard for march board exams.
Students(Earthlings) are gathered in huge number outside Mumbai Boards office and are campaning with great force and want to get the following changes done in the Education System(Meteroits).

1.Reduce exam duration to 1 hour and marks to 50.

2.Introduce strategic break after every 30 minutes.

3.Give free hit, i.e a chance for students to frame their own questions and write answers and even if the answer is wrong they should be given full marks for atleast one such question.

4.First 15minutes POWER PLAY i.e No invigilator in the exam hall.

5.Introduce fair play awards.

6.Cheer Girls to cheer for every correct answer written.It would be nice if we could select our own personal cheer leaders most probably our seniors :P

Well this isnt my work entirely it was a SMS to me by my friend REHAN.

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Tushar said...

Amazing yaar loved it completly